Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's behind curtain #3?

What's behind curtain #3? A Boy! The little guy, or 3.0 as I like to call him, will be arriving in a few months. I waited until we had some screen captures of the ultrasound to post. Tara went to the doctor's office again this morning to get a second ultrasound since the first one resulted in a bad disk and no pictures.

Some might wonder if we have a name picked out yet. Well, no, we don't have a name. You may suggest some if you like.

Yeah, he's confident like that. Or maybe just lost.

This story is about Jayden.

The four of us got to church on Sunday right at 11:00. After finding a parking spot we made our way into the building. On the way in the kids decided they were thirsty. It must have been the exodus across the parking lot that made them so. Jaxon must have gotten too much sun on the way in because he starting having a little tantrum. I decided to go on and find us a place to sit in the chapel while Tara took the kids to get their drink on.

10 minutes later...I'm sitting solo...

15 minutes...still solo...

20 minutes later, Tara and Jaxon finally show up. Before I can ask her, she asks me, "Where's Jayden?"

Me: Uh...(I have a confused look at this point)...uh...He was with you.
Tara: He got a drink and I told him to come sit by you.
Me: He never showed up. Maybe you should go look for him.

Five minutes go by...I decide to join the hunt for Jayden with Jaxon in tow.

I go down the hallways. No Jayden. Check the bathrooms. No Jayden. Find Tara. No Jayden. Hm...where's Jayden? I have an idea. I start looking in the other ward's primary rooms. No Jayden.

Just then, a member of the other ward that meets from 9-12 (so we overlap an hour) sees us and asks if we're looking for Jayden. Hm...I think I know where this is going.

Me: We are.
Lady: Oh, he's in a class.
Me: Can you take us to him?
Lady: Sure, he's right over here in this classroom.

Tara and Me: Why are we not surprised?

We get to the classroom where Jayden's been the last 30 or so minutes and retrieve him to come join us in the chapel. He told us he was making new friends. The lady said she had seen Jayden walking in the hallway and he said he was supposed to be in primary.

We couldn't help but laugh at Jayden and his comfort in going into another ward's primary class and staying there for a good 25-30 minutes. We figure he's confident. Or maybe just lost.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Nacho

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